About Us

Decision Sciences Journal is a premier business research publication with international visibility and impact. Some of the finest research on business decision making appears in our pages, and we specifically invite thoughtful investigations of the decisions of managers in the enterprise from any functional discipline interested in the processes of formulating, evaluating and executing high quality managerial decision making.

The Journal focuses on theoretical, empirical and methodological investigations of managerial decisions that drive business productivity and success. Such research can be methodologically focused on quantitative approaches, on qualitative methods, or can take the form of insightful reviews and commentaries on best practices in business research.

In the tradition of the Institute’s interdisciplinary heritage, Decision Sciences Journal dedicates itself to the interdisciplinary investigation of managerial decision making in the recognition that important managerial decision making takes place in a range of critical business areas, including Accounting, Economics, Finance, Information Systems, International Business, Logistics, Management, Marketing, Operations, Production and the Supply Chain. We are particularly interested in Analytics as an emerging synthesis of sophisticated methodology and large data systems used to guide managerial decision making in an increasingly complex business environment.